Rick - What JoAnne and you have endured, as you relate it, reads like a fictional plot. But my wife is an RN / BSN and from her professional experience, yeah, things in a healthcare setting can get very, very out-of-control-bad and way too fast. But with you on her side, and apparently a lot of grace, she has survived. And you have survived your health issues.

We readers of Ham Radio for Preppers (and fellow Hams in general) are glad to have you back, offering your perspective, in any capacity. Share what you can, when you can.

de Steve N8GNJ

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Glad you are ok and happy you are writing here again. Hope health improves for you and your wife quickly.

I enjoy your writing style and information sharing.


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I have an inkling of what you have gone through by way of taking care of my mother for nearly two years. Really, it was mainly my spouse who did the heavy work while I continued working during that time. But what we went through was nothing, *nothing* as severe as what you have endured. It's a lot of weight to carry when it feels like you are the only person looking out for the well-being of a loved one who is getting jerked around by various health care professionals.

Worrying about blog subscribers? If I was in your place, I would put that out of my mind. Those who are gracious enough to understand will understand.

One of the hardest lessons is that caregivers need to take care of themselves, because who cares for the caregivers when they are "all in" with their loved one? We let up on some of our own self-care in order to give our loved one the most we can give. It's a terrible bit of personal calculus with feelings of guilt no matter what you do.

Be well, Rick, and very best wishes for more equilibrium, hope, and joy.


Tom KJ7T

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